Priekuli Municipality

Project coordinator:
Elina Tilaka

Priekuli Municipality in Latvia is located in a rural area, with territory of 301,8 km2 and 8325 inhabitants.
Municipality is located near towns of Cesis, Valmiera and only 100 km from the capital city Riga.

Priekuli Municipality has not only beautiful nature, but also rich and long-lasting traditions and significant cultural objects. This is a place to relax outside the city rush and enjoy peace, tranquility and natural beauty.

Priekuli Municipality is proud of Eduards Veidenbaums' poetry, the remarkable Veselava manor complex, a unique sandstone formation - the Great Ellite, scientists' wisdom in the "Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics" and the magnificent natural formations on river banks.

Valga Municipality

Project coordinator:
Lea Vutt

Valga Municipality is located in South-Estonia, lying along the line of the Estonian-Latvian border. Southern Estonia is one of the highest, as well as the prettiest regions in Estonia with pristine and untouched nature, a rich historical and cultural heritage and authentic people respectful of integrity, simplicity and the sense of humour.

The municipality of Valga extends over 750 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 16 600 people. The population is mainly concentrated in the town of Valga, villages and sparsely populated areas covering the rest of the municipality.

The administrative centre of Valga Municipality is Valga, the historical district centre of Kreis Walk, first mentioned in 1286. On June, 11th, 1584, Walk was granted a town privileges by Stefan Batory, King of Poland.

In 1920, after the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Estonia the town Walk was divided between two countries and the border was set in the middle. The northern side - Valga, belongs to Estonia and Valka on the southern side belongs to Latvia. This unique twin-town Valga-Valka is a pearl waiting to be discovered.

Unione Montana Valli di Lanzo-Ceronda-Casternone

Project coordinators:
Luisa Lovisolo 
Luciana Mellano 
Mara Spesi

The Mountain Union Valli di Lanzo, Ceronda e Casternone represents 21 Municipalities located to the north-west of the town of Turin. The Union is a public body with a total population of about 30.000 inhabitants and it manages several municipal services including Sport.
The area of the union is Alpine but not far from the big city of Torino (the distance between the centre of Torino and Lanzo is 30 Km) and cross-border with France. The area is easily reachable from the Torino Caselle Airport and the Railway station of Torino. The area has an economy mainly linked to sports tourism and offers numerous opportunities for the practice of summer and winter sports disciplines related to hiking and skiing.

The local Sports association/club supporting the project as the local partner is CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Lanzo ( CAI Lanzo was founded in 1919 and today is a sports association active in organizing mountain sports activities such as summer and winter excursions on historical and naturalistic alpine routes of immense beauty. The CAI manages also several alpine refuges that offer points of hospitality and refreshment to hikers.

Concello de Curtis - Asociacion cultural recreativa deportiva xuvenil MUXEMA 

Project coordinators:
Cristina Pazos Sanmartín

José Manuel Neira

Concello de Curtis 
The Municipality of Curtis is located half way from La Coruña and Santiago, with 4.200 inhabitants. The town has a large amount of youngsters that participate in the life community through the youth, cultural and art organizations.
It also coordinate intergenerational activities in order to create a healthy relationship between the seniors and the youngsters. On the field of the inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities we have different scholarships to ensure the education for the neediest. Also our social program provides training courses and specific non formal learning for the youngsters in risk of exclusion.

Asociacion cultural recreativa deportiva xuvenil - MUXEMA 
The Association born in 2002 as the result of the needs of different rural youngsters to participate actively in the society. Firstly promoting activities at a local level and later by submitting international projects to the European Commission. For almost 5 years, the entity, composed entirely by youngsters aged from 14-29 years old, was developing youth exchanges and seminars both in Europe and Latin America focused on sports. A large number of partners were made and our youngsters could discover realities, cultures and even participate in internships overseas. Today the association is active in: promoting the enrichment of the youngsters by improving the society where they live in; waking up the desire of progress, raising the quality of life by ensuring the social inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities; promoting positive attitudes towards the European Union and its citizens by participating into programs such as ERASMUS PLUS or others; promoting activities as local initiatives, sports, cultural, social and citizenship; developing the opportunities for the rural areas by strengthening the soft skills.

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